Best Baby Swings: The Fisher Price Papasan Swing Review

Fisher-Price Papasan Swing Review

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Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing
Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing

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The Fisher-Price Papasan Swing offers both the head-to-toe traditional swinging motion, and the side-to-side cradle motion, as well as 6 soothing speeds. The comfy, cozy seat offers two reclining positions, as well as a 3 point restraint to keep your baby safe and secure. The Papasan Swing also has two music modes, daytime, and nighttime, with 16 songs total, and two sound effects. The rotating mobile offers three soft toys, and an overhead light show that projects onto the tailored sheer canopy. The Papsan Swing also offers a removable snack tray with a toy bead bar. The seat pad is also removable and machine washable, and the sturdy steel frame folds for easy storage and portability. The Fisher Price Papasan Swing comes with an AC adapter that will plug-in to any outlet, and also has the ability to run on battery power.

Features and Specifications:

Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing
Fisher-Price Papasan Cradle Swing
  • 2 swinging motions: head-to-toe and side-to-side
  • 6 possible speeds
  • Cozy papasan seat with 2 reclining positions
  • 3-point restraint
  • 16 different songs with 2 music modes, daytime, and nighttime
  • Removable tray with toy bead bar
  • Rotating mobile with 3 toys
  • Overhead light show that projects onto the canopy
  • Tailored sheer canopy
  • Seat pad is removable and machine washable.
  • AC adapter that plugs into any outlet
  • Battery operational (4 D batteries)
  • Age: Birth to 6 months or 25 pounds
  • Sturdy steel frame folds for storage
  • The Papasan cradle swing dimensions in Inches (L x W x H): 36.0 x 30.0 x 40.0

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As for reviews, the Fisher Price Papasan Swing did really well, with 1,079 out of 1,307 reviewers rating it 4 to 5 stars, with a max of 5. In other words, about 83% of the reviewers were extremely pleased with their purchase. As far as the bad reviews go, most were older and pertain to older models, but a few of the newer ones complained about a defective motor, which was then replaced by Fisher-Price. All in all, most of the reviewers loved the Papasan Swing, and would recommend it to anyone. See below what some of the current owners had to say about their Papasan Swing.

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Customer Feedback:

You won’t find a better swing,June 16, 2011

By texamomma,

This is my first review but I felt like after the hundreds of dollars that we’ve spent on baby items this one is by far above and beyond and deserves some recognition. I started out with the bright starts comfort and harmony swing (we have a fairly small house so I was trying to find a small compact swing that could fold and be tucked away easily). After a nightmare of a swing the fisher price papasan swing came to the rescue. My son is 5 months old and in about the 50th percentile for weight and this swing still is staying strong. The seat looks so comfy I just want to curl up next to him. I read a few reviews about the motor being loud, and I don’t agree, this is actually fairly quiet I think. ALL swings make some noise. I have tried out friends as well as the one at grandma’s house and this seat is awesome it is the only one he will sit in for longer than 15 seconds. This seat is more like an extra comfy car-seat in that it has a plastic frame/bucket which supports under the babies while a lot of baby swings just have fabric pulled across a metal frame creating a sink hole for the infant to sit in with no support. I wish I could convince everyone to at least try this swing.


A Must-Have Baby Product,May 26, 2011

By WatermarkedOne,

This Fisher Price Cradle Swing has been a life and sanity saver for us! We have the Papasan Swing in Starlight. My son falls asleep so easily in this–it soothes him almost immediately.

1. It swings in two directions: side to side and front to back. I’ve heard many babies prefer one way over the other, but you can’t know before baby tries it so we wanted one that goes both ways. Our son much prefers front to back, but if we have more children and they prefer side to side we’ll still be all set.

2. It is round and nest-like, which I think makes him feel secure. I’ve heard this type of swing is very helpful for colicky babies. If he gets gas at night and doesn’t want to be flat on his back in his crib we’ll bring it into the bedroom and he usually falls right asleep.

3. The motor is quiet. There is a “swish, click” sound, but I think it’s soothing to my son and I have no trouble reading or napping with it going.

4. It can run on batteries or plug in. We can take it on our porch on nice evenings, and since we plan to move overseas this is a nice feature.

5. The music isn’t annoying, although I’ve gotten a little tired of it. It is a mix of classical songs, nursery rhymes, and some songs I don’t recognize. The nature sounds are also soothing to my son.

6. It’s beautiful! We have it in our living room and I didn’t want anything with garish primary colors. It fits right in with our gray-blue and brown living room. The blue is a little purpley, so it could easily be a girl or boy’s swing.

7. The net helps prevent my dog from sniffing/licking the baby’s face (something I am paranoid about!)

1. I wish it had a central on/off switch. There are six buttons to control speed, music, mobile, etc. It would be nice if one switch turned it all off and you could switch it on to go back to the previous settings.

2. The mobile is a little boring–it has two stuffed stars and a teddy bear. The soft pastel colors are beautiful but don’t catch my son’s eye.

3. You can move the headrest up and down, but I wish it was removable (it’s sewed in with a tab and has different velcro positions). It works great now (my son is 6 weeks old), but as he gets taller I think it might get in the way.

This is by far my favorite baby product; if we could only have one thing this would be it. I’m sure we would BOTH spend a lot of time curled up in the fetal position crying if it wasn’t for the Fisher Price Papasan Swing! You can’t put a price on a product that helps your baby sleep.

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