Traditional Swings for Baby – Traditional Can Be Better Than Cradle

Sometimes a traditional swing can be the best baby swing. They are often times overlooked, but there are a few benefits to having a traditional swing verses a cradle swing. For one, most offer a more upright seated position which can be great for babies that suffer from reflux. They also take up less room, and most can be folded and easily stored, not like a cradle swing that becomes a permanent fixture in your home.

The following list includes some of the best traditional swings currently on the market. Below each description you will find a link to my full in-depth review, as well as links to Amazon with current sale prices. These prices change daily, so click on the link to get todays current sale price. Good Luck!


Best Traditional Swings

Fisher Price Musical Projection Baby Swing

Fisher Price Musical Projection Traditional Swing
Fisher Price Musical Projection Baby Swing

Overall Rating

  • Listing Price: $109.99
  • Weight Limit: Birth to 25 pounds
  • Features: The Fisher Price Musical Projection Baby Swing is designed to entertain and stimulate your little one. It offers a built-in projector that displays moving images across a screen, as well as 8 classical melodies and 2 nature sounds. This traditional swing offers 4 different swing speeds and a 2-position reclining seat. It is battery operated only, and offers a sturdy steel frame that folds easily for storage or travel.
  • Check out the Fisher Price Swing REVIEW
  • Currently on SALE @ AMAZON for $71.85 – 35% OFF


Graco Lovin Hugs Swing

Graco Lovin Hugs Traditional Swing
Graco Lovin Hugs Baby Swing

Overall Rating

  • Listing Price: $129.99
  • Weight Limit: 5 to 30 pounds
  • Features: The Graco Lovin Hugs Baby Swing comes with a durable curved frame, and a padded hammock style seat with 4 reclining seat positions, designed to mimic a mothers arms. The seat itself offers removable body support and infant head support, giving your little one complete comfort and support. This traditional swing offers the front to back swinging motion with 6 different speeds, and it can be run on batteries or plugged in. It has a swinging mobile attached to an easy entry tray that swings out of the way allowing easy access to your baby, and it has 10 classical songs and 5 nature sounds that keep your little one entertained. This baby swing also offers a 30 minute timer with three settings for automatic shut-off, and it folds easy for storage.
  • Check out the Graco Lovin Hugs Swing REVIEW
  • Currently on SALE @ AMAZON for $79.99 – 33% OFF

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