The Graco Sweet Peace Newborn Soothing Center Review & Video Demo

The Graco Sweet Peace Newborn Soothing Center Review

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Graco Sweet Peace Newborn Soothing Center
Graco Sweet Peace Newborn Soothing Center - Vance

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The Graco Sweet Peace Newborn Soothing Center is designed to mimic a mothers motion, touch, sight, sound, and sent. It offers multiple seating, cradling, and reclining positions, two speeds of soothing vibrations, low frequency sounds or white noise, such as a mothers heart beat, and calming womb sounds, as well as high quality music and nature sounds. The Graco Sweet Peace also offers an MP3 plug in, so you can listen to anything you’d like, plus it also has an adjustable canopy with a built in mirror and hanging soft toys for entertainment. In addition, the Graco Sweet Peace Soothing Center can be used with any Graco Infant car seat. Simply remove the seat from the frame, and put the car seat on.

Graco Sweet Peace Features & Specifications:

Graco Sweet Peace Newborn Soothing Center Control Panel
Graco Sweet Peace Newborn Soothing Center Control Panel
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Holds a child up to 25 pound
  • 3 cradling swing positions
  • 2 speeds of vibrations
  • 6 speed controls
  • low frequency white noise
  • High quality music and nature sounds
  • MP3 plug in
  • AC Adapter & battery operated
  • Accepts all Graco infant car seats
  • Adjustable canopy and built in mirror
  • Product in Inches (L x W x H): 34.0 x 30.0 x 36.0
  • Min/Max: 6 pounds to 25 pounds

Video Demonstrations:

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As for reviews, 124 out of 163 reviewers rated it 4 to 5 stars, with 5 being the max. Most loved the Graco Sweet Peace Soother and stated that they couldn’t live without it. There were a few complaints that the motor was too loud, however several others stated that they could barely hear it. It’s also a bit big and heavy and takes up some space, but then again, most swings do. All in all, most people loved their Graco Sweet Peace Soother, and would recommend it to anyone. View customer feedback below.

Customer Feedback:

still works and using with #2,May 22, 2011

By mamaof2boys,

I bought this Graco Swing 3 years ago for my first son. He had to be swung a certain way.. and the Graco Sweat Peace Soothing Center was the only thing I could find that would mimic the motion he liked. We used it with our first and now with our 2nd baby boy who is now 4 months old, and it’s still working like the day we brought it home. I also have another open top swing that was given to me, the motor sounds the same on either one. So I would not say that it is any noisier than any other baby swing.

~I loved the fact that it had an outlet for the wall, because If I had to change batteries, I would have only used it till the first set went dead.
~that you can put the seat in any position
~I love that I can put the car seat in it when we get home I don’t have A) another contraption for that and B) just leave the car seat on the ground where he would more than likely just wake up since he was not moving anymore.
~it has variation of sound levels. I read other reviews that said it was pretty much loud or louder.. which on mine the plus and menus button goes up to the loudest and then the more you push the menus it goes down in volume like you would expect (not sure if this is because mine is an older model from 2008)
~the choices of music.. you have your mp3 station, soothing sounds, softer music, and then a choice of the more upbeat music which my son prefers
~it also has a spot to attach a binky so they won’t fall on the floor

~the toys on it are something that my first son got bored of fairly fast. so I usually just put something else on the theater that he would actually play and chew on (the teether was too big for my son to even begin to put in his mouth
~the toys on the canopy are just put on with Velcro, and they don’t stay.
~it is a bit heavy and hard to move around, (but at the same time which is a pro it’s sturdy)
~the swaddle.. both my son’s were too big for it! my 1st I can understand he was over 9 pounds at birth, but my 2nd was only 7 pounds and 19 inches long, so for him to be too big for it, I would have to say it was probably made for a preemie. Unless I just don’t know how to wrap in a swaddle blanket.

All in All I would recommend the Graco Sweet Peace Soother to anyone (which I have) and I will be using it for future children as long as the motor holds up which it has been still working great, so I don’t see an issue with that


Great swing!,April 17, 2011

By theBlackHaus,

We really love the Graco Sweet Peace for a few reasons:
1. Control over the speed and direction of the swing… fits whatever mood our son is in.
2. The music options are wonderful! Real music with real sounding instruments, instead of chimey tunes that repeat. Also, each option plays enough pieces of music on a rotation that it doesn’t drive the adults in the house crazy.
3. We love that it has the iPod connection for when we get tired of the pre-programmed music.
4. It’s great that it fits the Graco car seat as well as the seat that comes with it.
5. The vibration setting is great.
6. Graco Sweet Peace plugs in… I don’t want to think of how many batteries we’d have gone through already.

I took off one star because:
1. I wish it reclined a little more. Although you can adjust the recline from sitting up to mostly lying down, I wish it reclined to an almost totally lying down position. Sometimes when my son falls asleep in it he scrunches down and gets uncomfortable, which wakes him up.
2. I wish the canopy came a little further down. It stops right over his head, where it doesn’t really block much sun, and he can’t really see the toys.

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